Invest Point Re-Opend her Old Offer

Dear Traders:-
You are informed here our account's promotions was closed by company due to time frame.
But now company is going to re-announcing (re-opening) this promotion. What is new thing in this offer.
  If client make deposit in his account after washing out you can get same amount.
For Example:-
          500$ you cant get 500$
.         1000$ you cant get 1000$
But if u make deposit 500/100 $ and u will withdrawal your amount 200/300 $ form your first deposit you will be able for this.|  
      First deposit 1000$ -200$=800$
      First deposit  500$-300$=200$
You will get 800$ not 1000$/
First deposit 500$-300$=200$. You will get 200$ not 500$.
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